What to expect from a fly-in safari?

On fly-in safaris, you  have the unique opportunity  to look at numerous attractions from the air  in a short space of  time. The Safari is therefore particularly suitable for travelers who want to see a lot, but have little time. From the air you can see everything from a very special point of view, which will prepare the best photo moments.

Accommodation on fly-in safaris ranges from high-end luxury to rugged comfort through various hotels, lodges, guesthouses and tented camps and is either on bed-and-breakfast or full-board bases, depending on your specific holiday package. Activities at accommodation venues vary greatly at each location and your options are diverse.

Fly-in safaris offer tourists the unique opportunity to view numerous attractions from the air in a short space of time. Be sure to keep your camera batteries fully charged as you take to the air in the African skies because the sights from up above may be something you want to capture forever.


Can anyone afford to book a fly- in safari?

Fly in Safaris can be quoted to any budget that you might have. Accommodation on fly-in safaris ranges from high-end luxury to rugged comfort through various hotels, lodges, guesthouses and tented camps. It also greatly depends if you want to make use of a private charter, guided fly in safari or seat rates, where you share the plane with other guests on the same route to keep the costs as low as possible.


Why book a fly in safari?

On a standard Safari a lot of time is spend to travel from one place to another in a vehicle; on a fly-in safari guests have much more time to explore the highlights of Namibia. A fly-in safari is the only opportunity for guests to see to the remote regions in Namibia. Most parts of the Skeleton Coast National Park are almost completely closed to ground traffic can only be reached by light aircraft. Therefore, fly-in safaris are often the only way to explore some untouched areas in Namibia.


Is Namibia child and family friendly destination?

Families with children are welcome! A trip to Namibia is exciting for adults and even more so for children. Especially young children are often restless if they have to sit still in the car for hours. On a fly in  safari this is not a problem because the flight time is  shorter than the driving time. On arrival the children are rewarded with fresh air, enchanting nature and  (depending on the  area) a look at wild animals. In each region there are accommodations that are suitable for any children of different ages


From which Age are children allowed to join a fly in safari?

Children from the age of 2 years are allowed to join a fly in Safari. As they are taking up a seat they will have  to pay full adult rates. Sitting on a parents lap is not allowed


Do I have a luggage restriction?

In small aircraft only a soft bag weighing no more than 15-20 kg (depending on aircraft weight and passenger) and a camera bag is allowed. The dimensions of the travel bag may not be bigger than 25cm x 30cm x 60cm. For excess baggage an extra seat must be booked.


May I smoke on plane?

Smoking on board the aircraft is strictly prohibited.


Is there a toilet on board?

No, the light aircraft’s don’t have any toilets on board.


Can we fly from Namibia to Botswana?

Yes, that’s no problem. If you have chartered an aircraft, than your Pilot  can also fly you to Maun or Kasane, but they must first go through passport control (Namibia and Botswana) before your trip can continue onto the areas you want to visit.You are also welcome to fly from Namibia to Botswana with one of the local airlines and we can organize your fly in Safari to commence from either Maun, Kasane or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.


What Staff is available on a fly in safari?

There is only one pilot on the light aircraft and on the larger aircraft, there is a co- pilot.  They are no stewardesses  on  the flights and water will be given to each guests before departure. The flights are usually not longer than 1 hour and are so exciting that time just flies by.


From when is my fly in confirmed?

A group consisting of two or more people may reserve any departure date at will. The safari will be confirmed by us  if we have the resources available to conduct a safari on that particular date. Booking is possible up to 24 hours before departure. Therefore, even at short notice, please contact our organization to obtain the present state of departure dates.

Also if you want to travel alone, feel free to contact us as often there are other guests for certain dates you can join on seat rates or we could organize a private charter.


What aircraft are typically used?

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Will I get airsick?

This varies from person to person. A light meal for breakfast or lunch prior to your flight is recommended. Not eating in an attempt to avoid motion sickness can be detrimental. Motion sickness tables can also be taken before each flight to avoid this.


Why is my personal weight so important?

Weights play an important role in small aircraft’s. All flights are subject to aircraft operating within weight limitations as specified for the aircraft flight. Every flight route has a maximum total weight allowance for passengers. Passengers will need to inform us at the time of booking of all individual passengers weights. This is also confirmed on the day of flight as passengers sometimes are weighed prior to departure. There’s no need to be concerned as your weights are kept strictly confidential.


Can I choose the Seat on the aircraft?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit in a particular seat. We will try to honour advance seating requests. We reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after you have boarded the aircraft as we may need to this for operational, safety or security reasons.


How safe is it to fly?

Our philosophy is to minimise risk by making safety our primary focus and at the same time provide memorable experiences for our passengers. The charter companies we use are certified by the Namibian Civil Aviation (DCA). All passengers are given a thorough safety briefing prior to their flight including operation of door, seat belts, headsets, declaring dangerous goods on board and general awareness around the aircraft.


Do you also allow disabled passengers to fly?

Please advise the level of assistance required for any disabled passenger and whether the passenger is in a wheelchair, so that we can accommodate their needs. We can accommodate 1 disabled person per aircraft, depending on what aircraft type is used and if it is a scheduled or private charter. Please note that only collapsible wheelchairs can be carried.


Can I take Photos on the aircraft?

No problem, we encourage you! Any camera with a lens between 28mm and 70mm is recommended. If you plan to take photographs we recommend wearing darker colored clothing to reduce possible window reflections.